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The Otakians Welcome You!
Hello Everyone and Welcome! Pardon the dust as im still working out some of the kinks but this here is the brand spanking new website for the best guild in the history of the universe and everything... The Otakians! YAY! alright then Until I can find something Deep and meaningful to type here and inspire you all this will have to do. Welcome and Enjoy the Site!
Breaking News!

Forward To the Golden Age!

Vandey, Feb 2, 12 4:24 PM.
Now that mabi is back up it is time to work harder towards making the Otakians a name that goes hand in hand with Alexnia! Its time to plan more events, get out ther and help others and keep bringing in active helpful and fun recruits into our little family!

More Activity

Vandey, Jan 11, 12 2:07 AM.
Please everyone I know these are hard times with guild chat and the friends list not working but for that reason its more important now then ever that you take place in posting and reading the forums so we can all keep up to date on current events. Thank you~

Important please read!

Otakamon, Jan 4, 12 1:26 AM.
I feel there is a huge problem that needs to be put to rest here, over the past year on and off there has been drama revolving around me and choices that I have made.  I would like to say this right here so anybody can read this.  

If there is a problem with me please just tell me. I can't read minds and I feel its very unfair some of the things that have been said about me in the past. I will post a topic about this in the forums. anyone who has a problem is welcome to post it there. I will NOT! put up with anymore drama if its based on my real life choices, as a guild everything should NOT! revolve around the leader. As Otakians we should all work together to keep the guild strong and active. 

"There is no I in team"  

Hacking Outbreak

Vandey, Dec 31, 11 7:05 PM.
Because Mabi is as of right now unsafe to use everyone any guild activites shall be cut and replanned as soon as this is all sorted out. The important thing for now is to stay off Mabi to keep your charecters safe. The website will still be up for all of us to chat and still stay connected. :3

All our Hopes and Prayers

Vandey, Dec 19, 11 10:26 PM.
This news article is for Keita's Cousin Lorna who is sick this holiday season. Keita We are all here for you now matter what and we wish only the best for you and your cousin.
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